What is PUKANA?

The word PUKANA comes from the indigenous people of New Zealand, The Maori

PUKANA is a verb. To PUKANA is to:
Widen the eyes, so your opposition can see your true intentions
Flare the nostrils, to fill you lungs with good air, to be ready
And extend the tongue, as if to say "I care not what happens to me, I fear not the difficulty, I will have my victory.

A Message from Dom:

As a child, often times I would express fear or timidness as young kids do. My father would look at me and say, "you are a Maori, your are tough, you are strong, show me your PUKANA. I would buck up and give him my best PUKANA, just like the ones I had seen him do many times. Doing so would give me the courage I needed to reach my goals. This practice continues today, I still PUKANA when I need to remind myself and others that I am strong, and determined to succeed.

For this reason I named this Paramotoring School after something I believe in.

The truth is you are strong
You are capable
and you will be victorious
You can PUKANA

Whats up with the Skull and Antlers?

I unapologetically say that we as a people are becoming too soft. We were once great warriors! We crossed oceans! Discovered natural wonders of the world. Today all we discover are new items on the Taco Bell menu.
The skull and antlers represent a revival of the human spirit. A renewal of your sense of exploration, wonder, and willingness to exit your comfort zone