Fly above Salt Lake City

Tandem Paragliding

Explore like never before

With tandem paragliding you will experience flight like the birds. Enjoy the rush of getting your feet off the ground mixed with the peace of free flight.

LOCATION: The Point Of The Mountain


DURATION: 25-30 mins


SEASON: year round

TRANSPORTATION: not included

PRICE: $170-$190

Call to book (801) 613-8377

What to expect

Once you book one of our team members will contact you with a weather outlook for your desired dates.

You will meet your pilot at the launch location. ➡️➡️➡️➡️

Your pilot will brief you on flight

Then you will take to the sky with your pilot

Who Can Fly?

Almost anyone can fly but here are some requirements:
Passengers must be 8yrs or older
Minimum weight is 70lbs
Maximum weight is 220lbs

Call to book (801) 613-8377
Meet Your Pilot
Meet Dom
He's been flying for 8yrs
He's a paragliding instructor
and competitive paramotor pilot
He loves good music and drinks
too much RedBull